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Home Technology Federal govt issues urgent alert for employees amid email hacking threats

Federal govt issues urgent alert for employees amid email hacking threats

Recent reports highlight concerns surrounding the vulnerability of govt employees' email accounts

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In a bid to bolster cybersecurity measures and safeguard sensitive information, the federal government on Sunday issued a stern warning to all ministries and departments concerning the looming threat of email hacking targeting government employees.

Recent media reports have highlighted concerns surrounding the vulnerability of government employees’ email accounts to potential hacking attempts

To counter this looming threat, the federal government has taken proactive steps to secure email communications within its ranks, sending a directive to relevant ministries and departments.

The government’s advisory underscores the serious nature of the situation, emphasizing that both civil and military officials could become targets of sophisticated hacking techniques, particularly phishing attacks. These fraudulent emails are often designed to mimic genuine communications, luring unsuspecting recipients into a web of cybercrime.


The federal government’s guidelines for securing official emails include the following key recommendations:

  1. Strengthen Passwords: Employees are urged not to use weak passwords and to periodically change their passwords to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Limited Sharing: Avoid sharing email IDs with unrelated individuals and refrain from using personal accounts for official correspondence.
  3. Mobile Caution: As a precaution, government employees are advised not to use official email accounts on mobile phones to mitigate potential security risks.
  4. Link Awareness: Employees are urged to exercise caution when opening emails containing links, especially if they appear suspicious. Clicking on unverified links can expose the recipient to cyber threats.
  5. Antivirus Protection: Official email accounts should be equipped with licensed antivirus software to safeguard against malware and other potential threats.

The government’s proactive stance on cybersecurity reflects the growing importance of protecting sensitive government information and maintaining the integrity of communications between government employees.

With hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated in their techniques, such measures are seen as crucial in today’s digital age.

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