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Home Top News State buried law, justice for Nawaz Sharif’s return: PTI

State buried law, justice for Nawaz Sharif’s return: PTI

Says ‘coward fugitive is returning under judicial asylum’

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“The state has buried shame, modesty, law and justice with its own hands” to pave the way for “national criminal’s return” PTI said as it reacted to Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan.

The “coward fugitive is returning under judicial asylum”, it added in a statement posted on X.

Reacting to Sharif’s homecoming, the PTI spokesperson said that after the regime change conspiracy, the state elements “tied the country and the nation in the chains of dictatorship and thrown it to the corrupt wolves”.


PTI Chairman Imran Khan launched a political struggle against the nexus between the criminals and the state 27 years ago, he added.

“The nation is ready to ‘welcome’ its criminal who has been ‘adopted’ by the state,” the PTI spokesperson said.

The PTI reiterated the demand that an immediate holding of transparent, free and fair elections can steer the country out of crisis.

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